Width info

At IMPORTEX, we measure ring width in mm’s, see our width conversion chart below for measurement in inches.
Most of our rings are available in different widths, ranging from 3mm to 10mm. If we do not offer the width that you
desire on our website, it still may be possible, but a custom fee will apply. For titanium rings, a fee of $25usd will
be added in the email confirmation. If ordering online, mention this in the comment box. If width is not possible we
will let you know by email.
Some ring models are available in only one width because any wider or narrower and the style proportions will not work.
Choosing a width is often based on personal opinion. It is best to visit a jewelry store to try on rings of different widths;
this will give you an idea as to what width looks best on your finger. Selecting a very wide or a very narrow width can
considerably alter appearance of the ring.


Traditionally a woman’s ring will be narrower than a man’s. But nowadays, many couples choose to wear the same width as their
partners, hence the term matching bands.

The thickness of a ring does not correlate to the ring width. Most of the rings made by IMPORTEX have a thickness of 1.8mm,
unless the ring is an offset style. Offset means the ring thickness is not uniform all the way around, it will gradually become
thicker toward the top. This applies mostly to the stone setting styles.

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