Outside Carving

Carving is applied to the outside of the rings.

Carved by a computerized machine these messages will add a personal touch to your ring.

Some rings and pendants may not be able to accommodate engraving due to width or style restrictions.

Outside carving is much deeper than the inside engraving.

CARVED TEXT MESSAGES On RINGS: If the text message cannot be written using the "standard alphabet" email a bitmap file of exactly how the characters should be engraved to info@importex.ca. There is an asterix * on the right hand side of the font names that require this step. We can not do the translation in Greek*, Russian* or Hebrew*. Please note, this may delay the order.
The number of letters (including spaces) able to be carved on a ring corresponds directly with the ring size. Generally we advise a maximum of 30-45 characters including spaces. If there is a specific way that you want the text carved, mention it in the comment box. (ie: 4 words, evenly spaced around ring.)

For Kanji characters, please see the Carved Oriental rings section, "customize your own ring". If the kanji symbol is not available in our list, you will need to send it as a separate jpeg or bitmap attachment email to info@importex.ca. We can not do the translation. Please note, this may delay the order.

CARVED TEXT or SYMBOL On PENDANTS: We are limited to 1 or 2 TEXT characters per pendant.(ie: intitals) We can not carve a whole sentence.
Or we are limited to 1 centered SYMBOL per pendant. For Symbols, please see the Pendant section, "customize your own pendant".

CARVED SYMBOLS: We do some custom carving,email us your image in .bmp or .jpeg format we will let you know if your idea is possible and include a price quote to info@importex.ca.

Special finishes on carving: If available on the order form, only 1 of the following carving finishes can be applied per pendant or ring: Sandblasting, anodizing or gold leafing