How to Find perfect diamond for me?
  1. Keeping in mind that the diamond industry often pushes to sell big diamonds of 1 carat and larger, it is important to understand that with jewelry, watch making or gemology, bigger is not always better. Your choice of diamond must fit with your personal taste and lifestyle. Several renowned jewelry designers choose to only use smaller diamonds under 0.25 carats to make their designs.
  2. At IMPORTEX Inc., we believe diamonds over 4 carats (10.4 millimeters) should be avoided on an engagement ring, unless you do not mind having to take extra precautions every time you are wearing it.
  3. For sportive and active people, we recommend rings with a lower profile, incorporating stones that do not weigh more than 0.50 carats (5.2 millimeters). Aircraft grade titanium tension settings will protect diamonds very effectively. Also gold and platinum “closed settings” are very efficient at protecting stones. (Check charts below for more information about the different types of settings).
  4. Smaller fingers and hands should choose smaller sized stones to obtain a balanced look. A 1.00 carat diamond on a size 3.5 finger will look much larger and bulkier than on a size 8.5 finger.
  5. Click on the link to read and print out the Carat versus dimension chart for each diamond shape.
  6. Check the Security versus type of setting chart below, it will give you an idea about the different types of settings.
Bezel settings. The most secure closed setting
Burnish Settings.  A storng closed setiing very well suited for   active  peopele
Chamel setting. Comparable strength Chamel setting. Comparable strength to a burnish settings
Care must be taken so not get any of other prongs caught on clothing. Still well suited for most everyday wear unless your diamond is less then 1 carat
Conner Prong setting. It possible remove ring when doing sports and other activities that nay damage the ring. Still well suited for most every day wear
The strongest setting available while still showing off entire diamond


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